Subscription of Market Participants in the Register RS-RRM for the 2nd Phase of REMIT Reporting


LAGIE SA invites the

  • DAS Market Participants
  • Counterparties of the above DAS Market Participants in Bilateral Contracts
  • Producers of electricity from RES units with installed capacity of over 10MW (>10MW), with an active Purchase Contract with LAGIE

to subscribe in the Register of Subscribed Users of LAGIE’s RS-RRM Platform (Register RS-RRM) in order to be able to fulfil the obligation of sending reports to the ACER regarding  wholesale energy contracts for the supply of electricity or gas, which have been concluded outside OMPs in the form of Bilateral Contracts.

The subscription of the Market Participants in the Register RS-RRM should be completed the latest by Friday the 1st of April 2016.

In order to subscribe into the Register RS-RRM, the Market Participants must submit to LAGIE the REMIT Reporting Service Agreement v1.0, accompanied by the application form, the solemn declaration and the relevant documentation.

Detailed information regarding the registration process for new and existing users can be found in the document "REMIT Reporting Service User Guide v 1.0”.

It should be noted that a prerequisite for the completion of the subscription of the Market Participants in the Register RS-RRM and their access to RS-RRM Platform, is to have acquired the ACER code by their registration to CEREMP (Centralised European Registry for Energy Market Participant).

For more information please contact