REMIT Data Reporting Service offered by LAGIE


Following the relevant announcement on 26.01.2015, LAGIE SA hereby informs the Participants that starting from 7.10.2015 it will be able to provide Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM) services, in accordance with the requirements of Regulation (EU) No. 1227/2011, for integrity and transparency in the wholesale energy market (REMIT) and the Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 1348/2015.  

Τhe certification process of LAGIE as RRM by ACER, is in progress and LAGIE since 3.6.2015 is already listed as pre-registered RRM, having assigned the ACER code B0000118K.GR.  

In the context of its RRM certification, LAGIE is preparing the technical and organisational requirements imposed by ACER, in order to ensure efficient, effective and secure transmission and management of information.  

In order to provide certified RRM services to the Participants, LAGIE is developing an Integrated Information System (platform RS-RRM), which will be completed and tested so that it will be timely fully operational. The System will provide, initially to the participants in the Greek Wholesale Electricity Market (DAS), and at a later stage, to participants in other markets, the following features:  

  • Reporting of DAS transactions (bids and trade results) to ACER.
  • Browsing and downloading of the reports submitted by LAGIE to ACER and the corresponding receipts.
  • Delivery to the Participants, of the necessary data of their transactions (bids and trade results), for further transmission to ACER. 
  • Receipt of transaction reports concluded in other markets (bilateral, derivatives, natural gas) exclusively in ACER xml format and their transmission to ACER,  

LAGIE will not deliver the transaction data of Participants in the Greek wholesale market Electricity (DAS) to third parties RRM.  

Reporting Data Agreement

The above mentioned services will be offered to the Participants under a data reporting Agreement, according to article 6(2) of EU Implementing Regulation No. 1348/2014 and their subsequent registration to the Register of Subscribed Users of the RS-RRM information system. The Agreement will define the services selected by the Participant, as well as other basic information necessary for the reporting (e.g. ACER code). The relevant Agreement and additional details will be communicated in due time through our website.