REMIT Reporting Agreement


REMIT Reporting Service

Participants in the Greek Wholesale Electricity Market (DAS) have, through the RS-RRM platform of LAGIE S.A., the following services at their disposal:

  • Reporting  by LAGIE as RRM, on behalf of the Participants, to ACER, or
  • Delivery to the Participants, of data of their transactions, for transmission to ACER via another RRM.

REMIT Reporting Services Agreement

LAGIE S.A. publishes the Agreement, according to the provisions of Article 6 of the Implementing Acts, regarding to the REMIT Reporting Services. The Agreement comprises of:

  • General Terms and Conditions that are applicable to the offered Services
  • Subscription to Services, of the Market Participant and registration of necessary basic data,
  • Services Description and,
  • Service Fee with the applicable fees per offered Service.

Regarding the fees of the offered services, LAGIE notes that, initially, the services will be offered to participants in the Greek wholesale electricity market (DAS) free of charge. 

Participants in the Greek wholesale electricity market (DAS) must conclude the Agreement in order to register, in time, to the Register of Subscribed Users of the RS-RRM information system of LAGIE, and to receive the services of their choice.  

Participants will be notified of the date of registration and other details (REMIT Reporting Service User Guide) in due time through our website.