Subscription of Market Participants in the Register of Subscribed Users of RS-RRM Platform


LAGIE SA invites the Market Participants in the Greek Wholesale Electricity Market (DAS) to subscribe in the Register of Subscribed Users of LAGIE's RS-RRM Platform (RS-RRM Register), in order to be able to fulfil the obligation of reporting to ACER in accordance with article 8 of the REMIT and of the Implementing Regulation.

The subscription of the Market Participants in the RS-RRM Register should be completed the latest by 30-09-2015.

In order to subscribe into the RS-RRM Register, the Market Participants must submit to LAGIE the "REMIT Reporting Service Agreement v0.2", filling out the required fields of the form “Subscription to Services" and by selecting the service they intend to use:

  • RRM Reporting Service: Reporting to ACER by LAGIE as RRM, on behalf of the Participants, or
  • Data Reporting Service: Delivery to the Market Participants of the data of their transactions, for reporting to ACER via third RRM

The above services are offered to Market Participants free of charge.

All pages of the REMIT Reporting Service Agreement should be signed by the Market Participant's Legal Representative , certified with an apostille, and bear the company’s stamp.

More information can be found in the document "Data Reporting Service "REMIT Registration Guide v0.1”.

A prerequisite for the completion of the subscription of the Market Participants in the Register RS-RRM and their access to RS-RRM Platform, is to have acquired the ACER code by their registration to CEREMP (Centralized European Registry for Energy Market Participant).

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